Sunday 5 June 2016

Warlord Games M4A3E8

Warlord Games have very recently released an M4A3E8 kit, otherwise known as the Easy 8.

This is a very simple kit, comprising 4 resin parts and a handful of metal detail components, such as light fittings and machine guns. (There is a bow machine gun included, however I forgot all about it when taking the pictures...), and I believe the kit comes with a commander figure too, however I decided to model mine buttoned up. 

Parts are exceptionally cleanly cast, clean up took around 5 minutes with a bit of sand paper and some clippers. Fit of parts was superb, and no warping was present. No stowage is provided, and there are no pioneer tools on the decking either, which is a little disappointing. I've kept my vehicle unloaded at the moment,  I may well come back and pile it up with gear. For now though I'm really liking the unladen aesthetic. 

The base Olive Drab colour came from MIG 926 Olive Drab Base, which was applied with an airbrush, before some increasingly lighter layers were sprayed on using a mix of Olive Drab Base and Vallejo Pastel Green. Decals were applied, before a filter of Mig 241 Brown was applied. Once this had set pin washes using MIG 1005 Dark Brown Wash for green was applied. 

Dirt and grime were a mix of AK interactive dust and dirt deposits, and various Humbrol and Mig Pigments mixed with Pledge Multi surface wax and spattered onto the model with an old brush. a bit of blending with a wide flat brush to get rid of the more obnoxious mud puddles, and the model was done.

I'm a fan of the Sherman, and always enjoy working on them, however this was particularly rewarding as the model has a real heft and presence to it. It just feels right. Whilst my friends at Warlord were kind enough to supply me with this one, I will be buying more, as I'd like to make a Korean War vehicle with a fancy Tiger face (Even if the tracks are too early in this kit). Also, it is a little bit tempting to make another model of THAT M4A3E8, though I already have one (You can read about how I built it in Wargames Soldiers and Strategy 77)

You can pick up your own Easy 8 from Warlord Games, and can see more of my work at Volley Fire Painting Service. Finally, on 6th of June I am attempting to raise funds for the Royal Marines Charity, by painting all of Warlords Royal Marine Commandos in a day, so please if you can help head on over to my Just Giving page.