Saturday 25 March 2017

The Brit, The Yank and The Hobby epiosde 19, Roman Britain with Simon Elliott

Episode 19 of The Brit, The Yank and The Hobby is now out, and this time we're joined by author of Sea Eagles and military history book of the year nominee Simon Elliott who talks to us all about Roman Britain. 

You can join us for the discussion and links at The Brit, The Yank and the Hobby Facebook group, or you can listen to the episode from the following links.

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If you're inspired after listening to the show, Simon's book Sea Eagles of Empire: The Classis Britanica and the Battles for Britain can be found on Amazon


Chillcon '17

Something slightly different today, my buddy Spud Tate contacted asking if I could put a shout out for the upcoming event in Sheffield named Chillcon.

Asylum Wargaming and Chilling Wargamers bring you Yorkshire's new must-attend event, ChillCon! Sponsored by S.L.A. Industries: CS1 and Word Forge Games, ChillCon brings you the U.K.'s premier vendors of wargaming goodness.

The event is being held at Ecclesfield school, Sheffield on the 27th of May, and doors open at 10:00, with refreshments available.  Tournaments for both Bolt Action and Kings of War are being played, as well as a bring and buy stall.  

An impressive list of traders rounds out the day. For tickets or more info, head on over to the Chillcon website, for what is looking to be a great day of gaming. 

Wednesday 8 March 2017

Warlord Games Test of Honour Podcast Episode

On Episode 18 of The Brit, The Yank and the Hobby, we talk to Andy Hobday, who along with Graham Davey created Warlords new Sengoku Jidai era game, Test of Honour. Andy tells us a little of the history of the period, and then goes into detail about the new game.