Friday, 19 June 2015

Clockwork Goblin Shreckwulfen

I was very honored to be asked if I'd like to paint some of Clockwork Goblins prototype Shrekwulfen figures for their 28mm War without End range of weird war models. 

These are very fun figures, and very nicely done with lots of character. The figures are due to be released very shortly, and Clockwork Goblin often upload Bolt Action compatible rules for their models too.

I'm not sure what the price will be on these yet, but Clockwork Goblin seem to aim to keep their prices in line with all the other major manufacturers.The Shreckwulfen are fairly large and have a significan presence to them, and look great alongside figures from say Warlords range.

If your into weird war I really recommend checking out the range! 

As ever you can see more of my work at Volley Fire Painting service and you can keep an eye on Clockwork Goblins rather cool ranger at their website

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