Saturday, 1 October 2016

Sash and Sabre 25mm American Civil War Union infantry review

For our latest episode of The Brit the Yank and the Hobby, we covered the Battle of Spotsylvania.

Naturally this involved a bit of reading and being absorbing American Civil War history, so I decided to finish off some figure I started painting years ago. The figures in question are a couple of packs from American manufacturer Sash and Sabre Castings that I acquired a few years ago. 

For the purposes of this review, I'm looking at sets US1 Federal Infantry Command Advancing (right shoulder shift), and US2a Federal Infantry Advancing (right shoulder shift). I'm assembling my regiments in blocks of 20, with figures based on penny size bases and with movement trays from Warbases

Each pack contains 10 figures in a sealed bag, with all models for the most part being very cleanly cast and only a minimum amount of flash, and with mould lines in sensible places and east to access.  Each pack of 10 consists of unique poses and sculpts, so within a regiment of 20 figures each one is different, although not so much as to break the unity of the complete formation. 

Uniforms and equipment are very nicely sculpted, with some nice anatomy and facial expressions. I particularly like the mugs hanging from the figures water bottles, and shapes of the straps across the chest, really does give the models a very natural look. 

I don't have any comparative pics as these are the first ACW figures painted for my own collection, however having worked with most other ranges they seem to size best with the likes of Perry and Foundry. 

Paints used were Vallejo Prussian Blue for the tunic, Sky Blue for the trousers, and Black Grey for the equipment. shading was carried out using a combination of Army Painter inks, sing blue for the trousers, strong tone on the equipment, and a mix of soft tone and blue tone for the tunics. 

Flags came from Flags of War, and had some weathering applied by me.  In this instance the flags represent the colours of the 28th Pennsylvania.

I'm a big fan of this range, and at $14.50 for ten models, or £10 when ordered through Old Glory in the UK, represent excellent value for money. The range is extensive  and thoroughly worth checking out. 

As ever you can see more of my work at Volley Fire Painting Service, and you can come over to The Brit  The Yank and The Hobby Podcast for some history and gaming chat. 


  1. Excellent work! Sash & Sabre produce terrific 25mm ACW sculpts and represent a good value.

    1. They really do. A friend sent me some pics of their stand at one of the events in the states, and I had to get him to send me a pile as soon as I saw them, loved the range ever since. I can't wait for them to do some US Marines though

  2. The chief "problem" with Sash and Saber has been the success of their 40mm range! That has limited additions to their 28mm (Napoleonic) range to a snail's pace. I especially love their artillery!

    1. Well said, Peter! Wish we could get Chris back on track!