Sunday, 29 March 2015

Beyond the Gates of Antares Concord Strike Force

For Warlords upcoming game Beyond the Gates of Antares I have chosen the Concord as my faction of choice (So far). I love the high tech feel and hard sci-fi look to their armour, especially as it reminds me a little of the Fallout series of computer games. More on that later...

My force is currently comprised of the contents of the Concord Strike team starter army, and I've played several games with them now which you can read about here

The models are possibly the best cast figures I've worked with. They require no cleaning up, and after a quick priming are ready to go. I painted mine with a mixture of airbrushing and inking, using a base of Vallejo 972 light green blue. I then shade the figures with layers and mixes of Army Painter Green and Blue inks. Colour inspiration came from the power armour worn by several factions in Fallout, and I was wanting to try out different levels of texture to mimic the game effects.


In game terms the Concord are very well armoured and have both accurate and powerful firepower. 

Balancing this their forces are seem smaller than the other armies in the game, and are quite fragile at close range. the phrase glass cannon could have been coined for them.

 I'm going to be expanding my force with some extra units as and when the become available, Warlord have already teased images of Concord on jet bikes and heavily armoured Drop Troops who look awesome. 

Antares is definitely a game to watch, and you can download the beta version of the rules for free from Warlords website

As ever more of my work can be seen here at Volley Fire

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