Sunday, 1 March 2015

Warlord Games Plastic Tiger Review

The rush of new 1/56 scale plastic vehicles continues at a cracking pace, with another of kit of the Tiger. Being easily one of mine (And many other peoples) Favourite tanks I was eager to get my grubby mitts on this.

The kit I was working with was a pre-release review sample, and as such came without instructions or decals, so it is a testament to how simple the model is that I was able to knock it together in less than one episode of Arrow! 

Warlords model represents a late production vehicle of the steel wheeled type produced from February 1944. (closer examination and consulting with my trusty New Vanguard book on the Tiger shows its a vehicle produced in June 1944 anal retentive fact fans!).

The kit comes on 2 sprues, and stand out features for me are the crispness of the detail on the tools, and the sheer fit of parts.  The zimmerit is also nicely handled. Worth of note too is the 88mm gun's barrel is pre-drilled at the end, I suspect through the use of fancy slide molds. Very little flash is present and the kit also has a nice commander figure, though I've not used him here as I'll eventually convert one up wearing winter clothing. 

I decided to model my vehicle as belonging to schwere panzer abteilung 505 in the winter of 1944. 
The 505th used an unusual numbering system and had a fantastic charging knight symbol on their turrets, with the knight having a yellow tabard denoting the 3rd company. ( different companies used different colours on the tabard, White was first, second company red and Green was staff). I'm not sure where I got the transfer for the knight from, it came out of my decal cage, but the numbers on the hull came from Warlords SDKFZ 251 kit. I won't dwell too much on the painting techniques as I'm in the process of doing a detailed write up with a step by step guide. 

In terms of size Warlords Tigerfits well with those of Die Waffenkammer (with the flag) and with Rubicons (The one that isn't Die Waffenkammer's or Warlords...). The screaming question though is which is better, Warlords or Rubicons? and my answer is both. I'm tempted to leave it there but I suppose I should elaborate. Rubicons kit provides more options and version straight from the box, however if your going to do mid or late production vehicles you will need to sculpt Zimmerit on. A fairly simple task but one that's daunting and time consuming.


Warlords Kit has the better detailed tracks, especially for a late vehicle, however Rubicons are simpler to assemble.Both models are fantastically detailed and fit very well, and are generally pretty accurate. I should also point out that the Rubicon tank shown in the pictures had Zimmerit added by myself. 

In Summary, Warlords Tiger is a fantastic model. If you like Tiger tanks buy one. If you really like Tiger tanks buy the discounted platoon bundle box that I'm sure will be along soon. Warlord have announced some more exciting armour as well...

As always you can see more of my work here at Volley Fire Painting Services

Warlords Tiger can be purchased here Tiger 4 U!


  1. Another excellent write up Andy, I look forward to seeing the step by step at some stage.

    I've got one of the Rubicon Tigers to work on myself and im interested to know how you did the zimmerit? Any decent guides you've seen anywhere?

    1. Hi Steve, Have a look at my Rubicon Tiger review, or the Winter Panzer IV, they give a bit of a Zimmeriting guide. It was fairly simple to do though. I covered the surface with Milliput white, let it harden for 20 minutes or so, then used a razor saw and dragged that for the lenght of a few mm along to create a set of ridges. Repeated this along the zimmerited surface, and moved onto the next one. Easy to do, but took a few evenings.

  2. Good stuff,look forward to the full write up..

    1. Thanks! Got a brief guide to doing the winter paint in the Winter Panzer IV article too