Monday, 20 April 2015

Spinning a tale, starting out with Saga Crescent and Cross

The Saga games have been available for a couple of years, and as I like to keep my finger on the pulse of gaming I've finally decided to look into the game and give it a whirl. 
After contacting my local model shop, Rochester Games and Models I went and picked up the Crescent and Cross rulebook, and a box of Fireforge Games Templars on foot. If your in the Medway area it's worth checking into the model shop as they have a great range of stuff!

I've not had a chance for a game of Saga yet, however my initial impressions are that it's a very simple game, with a lot of subtly to it. The book is very nicely presented and comes with everything you need to start playing, apart from figures. 

Usefully, at the back of the book is a page with all the relevant counters and markers for you to copy and use in your games, as well as a chart so that you don't need the Saga dice that are available. 

Included in the book are 6 army lists for 3 Islamic and 3 Christian factions. I've initially chosen the Milites Christes as locally we have a local Knights Templar manor locally. I may instead play them as Crusaders though, as I quite like the thought of having lots of peasant pilgrims tagging along with the Knights, and these aren't allowed in the Milites Christes list. I believe these forces are compatible with the lists in Dark Ages Saga as well, allowing for some cool what if history possible. 

The Fireforge figures are excellent too, around the size of a Foundry or Perry figure, with a lot of options. The set allows you to build 12 crossbowmen, 12 spearmen, lots of models with hand weapons, and tons of optional heads and arms, and command parts. I'm really impressed and excited by these sets, and am contemplating getting more of the range too. 

So far I've built 12 figures with hand weapons and shields, I'll use these as either Sergeants if I want to play Lion Rampant, or build another 4 to have 2 units of Warriors in Saga. The remaining 8 figures I'll be building tooled up with capes and command parts to be my hearthguard for Saga Crusaders, or alternatively use them as men at arms on foot for Lion Rampant. 

To add variety on a couple of figures I have added some spare Gripping Beast Viking Arms I had knocking around, and I'll use the spare crossbowmen arms and heads from the Fireforge set to added to the Gripping Beast bodies to make myself some Crossbow armed figures.

I've gone for a really battered, bloody and worn feel to my figures, as they just look like double hard bastards when they were put together. A theme I'll carry over to my other Saga forces too(!)

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