Monday, 20 April 2015

The Legion! 28mm French Foreign Legion

I've recently finished these French Foreign Legion and Tauregs for my mates over at Colonel Bills.

I was asked to paint these figures up to go on Colonel Bills stand at Salute next weekend, as he will be stocking the range. 

From the words of Colonel Bill himself 'All the figs come in packs of 4. The foot are £6 per pack and the mounted £9. There are one or two accessories, such as weapon packs etc. There is also a Laurel and Hardy set and a Beau Geste character set. I if anyone wants to pre order for Salute, and get our 10% pre order discount, if they contact me directly I will sort everything out' Colonel Bill can be contacted via their website here Colonel Bills

The figures were exceptionally well cast, and are also full of character. This isn't a period I'd normally be interested in, but however these are nice figures, I particularly liked the skirmishing Legionaries actually. First thing that struck me after I had stopped thinking (giggling),about Carry on Follow that Camel Was how good these would be for skimish and pulp adventure gaming, I could see myself getting some of these to use for stuff like In Her Majesties Name too.

All in all, great figures, and worth checking out! 

Figures were painted with Vallejo Prussian Blue for the tunics and robes with army painter blue ink for shading, before mixing increasing amounts of Prussian blue with white for the highlights.

 The white colours were done using Vallejo Off white as a base, and then using army painter soft tone to shade them, before working up in layers from deck tan to pure white.

Bases were done using Games Workshop Agrellan Earth, and various static grasses acquired on my roaming at shows.

As ever you can see more of my work at Volley Fire Painting Service


  1. Incredible details, love these units!

    1. Thanks! They are fantastic little figures actually, and will be on show at Salute too!

    2. I wish you would list all the paints used and how you mixed them as you did a great job and I would like to try to get the same results