Thursday 24 September 2015

Beyond the Gates of Antares Concord Drop Troops and Nu-Hu Mandarin review

As part of my ever expanding Concord force for this rapidly approaching game, I've added a Nu-Hu and squad of Drop Troops to my force.

The Drop Troops come in a box of 5 metal models with seperate heads and power packs, and some have seperate weapons too. The set comprises of 3 Drop Troops armed with plasma carbines, a similarly armed squad leader, and a fifth trooper with a plasma lance. the final model in the set is a spotter drone. the box is rounded out with bases for everyone. 

All 5 figures are very cleanly cast with only a few light mold lines to clean up. Prep work took maaaaybe 5 minutes, including time to get the kettle on for a coffee. 

Personally I love everything about these models. The armour is no nonsense, practical, and just makes them look hard. The poses really do reinforce the impression these are elite troops sent into deal with the biggest and baddest threats. The rules for these weren't in the Beta version of the game, but they will be coming in the full release. 

Obviously these are designed for Gates of Antares, but the lack of anything particularly identifiable to one genre would allow these fine models to be used in any sci-fi game setting. 

The second addition I painted was The Nu-Hu Mandarin. This figure represents the leadership class of the Concord civilization, and represents a nanite infused, very powerful individual. You can read more on the Nu-Hu here. Again the model is extra ordinarily well cast, and includes the Nu-Hu's nanite drone as well. 

The figure is a single piece with a separate arm with spear/wand, and separate leg.He is dramatically posed hovering in the air and about to flatten some unfortunates with his powers.  Bases again are included. 

I painted both figures with my 'Ambiguous Blue' TM colour scheme, using Vallejo Light Green Blue as a base, and then using green and blue inks and glazes to add depth of colour and character.

I think this is a superb range of models, that simply oozes character and are quick and simple to build. I've also just had the opportunity to try them out, which I'll write up as part of my next post....

As ever you can see more of my work at Volley Fire Painting Service and you can pre order Beyond the Gates of Antares and read more articles on this great game at the Warlord Games page. I also really recommend signing up to the news letter for Antares, as there is a lot of information starting to flow now...


  1. This looks awesome, Andy. I was not thrilled with these sculpts at first, but seen them painted like this really changes things. I might be getting a squad myself. I should probably start paintng my concord starter army, too, now that I've finally decided on a paint scheme for them.

    1. I've had my hands on most of the Antares range now, either my own or someone else, and it's hard to appreciate just how good these models are until your dribbling over them