Sunday, 20 March 2016

Operation Sand Dune

After a little hiatus I'm back, and to kick things of I shall be introducing Operation Sand Dune. This is a collaboration between myself, and my friends Carl Titterington and Sam Phillips, please click their names to take a look at their respective projects. 

With the release of Duel in the Sun, the recent Mediterranean theatre supplement for Bolt Action, the three of us were inspired to produce forces themed to the great desert battles of WW2. Sam has picked the SAS, Carl has chosen the Commonwealth, whilst I am going for the Afrika Korps.

I already have a 1000 point DAK army based around the 104th Schutzen regiment of the 21st panzer division, which I used to get a fairly middling place at the (Cam)Bridge too far Tournament last weekend, and I have been inspired to expand on this by adding a tank force. I'm not really going for any set amount of points at the moment, or even replicating any full platoons (Yet...) Mainly picking stuff I like the look of and then using these to game with whilst the force expands.

Currently I have a Tiger, 2 Panzer IV, 3 Panzer III, and a pair of Sdkfz 222 armoured cars earmarked for the project, but there will no doubt be a great deal more added... 

Long term, I've already picked up some British and Americans, so my stay in the desert is likely to be a long one. To record our progress and motivate one another, the 3 of us will be producing a monthly webcast to track our progress, and I'm very pleased to say the first episode is up and ready for you to view right now!  Stay tuned for more.

I'd also like to extend my thanks and gratitude to Warlord Games for their kind and generous support in producing this series.  As ever you can follow more of my work at Volley Fire Painting Service

Here is the link to our first video


  1. You do realise your Tiger can only serve in Tunisia in late 1942, early 1943 right?

    I love Tunisia, a lovely mix of kit and troop types, far more interesting than desert proper.

    1. I do indeed, yes.I'll most likely be building it as Tiger 131. Force will be initially themed to 1942, but will eventually cover the range of the North African campaign, and will also expand to American and British forces too, and maybe French and Italians...