Sunday, 20 March 2016

Beyond the Gates of Antares Ghar Outcasts

Shock news!

I've finally finished painting my Ghar Outcasts! I've been using my Ghar quite a bit recently in various games and demo games of Antares, so whilst the battle suits are great, they are a massive points sink, and having something cheaper and a little more flexible has been a very welcome addition to my Ghar force, and in the process I decided to paint the very limited commander Fartok Figure to my force too.

These models are all extremely cleanly moulded, and required next to no clean up either.

The support walker looked intimidating with the combination of a heavy torso and spindly legs, however in practice assembly was in practice very easy, and surprisingly strong too.

Painting wise I decided to go for an Albino skin tone, with dark bronze armour as used on my battle suits, with a blue light effect as an accent colour.

In all these are very fun figures, and were a pleasure to work with. Thanks to Warlord Games for providing them for review. As ever you can see more of my work at Volley Fire Painting Service

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