Saturday, 17 September 2016

Warlord Games 28mm Volksgrenadier

One of Warlords most recent releases for Bolt Action is the Volksgrenadier pack for the Germans. This set contains 10 28mm sized figures in Warlord traditional style.



All the models are wearing the late war M43 uniform with ankle boots and gaiters, and carry a mix of MP44's, K98's and Panzerfausts, as well as a 2 man MG42 team. 

Poses are a little mixed, with some being breathtakingly good, my favourites being the guy holding the Panzerfaust with the slung MP44 standing and waiting,  the whole body language and pose suggests tiredness and tension.  

The Machine gun team too is another favourite, they really convey the weight of carrying the gun and fatigue of constant combat. 

Most of the other figures are fairly standard fair, advancing to contact or gesticulating in an NCOish fashion.


 The only figure I'm not so keen on is the stooping guy holding his rifle across his body. I suspect if he were posed against a building or a wall he'd look excellent, however standing alone on a base he looks a little odd. 

The set retails for £15, and also includes bases. As these were a pre release copy of the figures I can't comment on packaging, however cast quality was excellent. I suspect I shall be painting some up as very late war SS grenadiers too at some stage too. 

My thanks to my friends Warlord for providing the models, and you can order a set of Volksgrenadiers either through your local games shop or direct from Warlord Games. As ever you can see more of my work or contact me regarding commissions at Volley Fire Painting Service

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