Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Ruicon Models Tiger, Panzer IV, T-34/76

 Afternoon everyone!

DHL have just delivered a veritable box of treasures courtesy of those fine folks at Rubicon Models.

I have been very kindly sent a Tiger, T34 and Panzer IV to review, so drop me a message here or through Facebook letting me know which you'd like to see.  The ideas I have for finishing the models are the following,

  • A Tiger 1 Late Production, with home made Zimmerit, probably painted up as a vehicle of Schwere Panzer Abteilung 505, painted in Dulkelgelb with the charging knight image painted on the turret. 

  • A plain green T-34/76 for Operation Barbarossa time period, with lots of sublte weathering and dust effects. 

  • Finally, as I've already reviewed the Panzer IV I'll do something a little different and kit it out with extra stowage, crew and maybe flags and foliage.

 So let me know and I'll roll the kit into the paint mines and get cracking after work over the next few days!

As ever if you'd like to see more of my work, or would like to let me know which you'd like to see please check out the Volley Fire page at;


  1. As I'm looking to pick one up I'd like to see a PzIV H

    1. Thanks Alan, I've actually reviewed the Panzer IV straight from the box, showing how the Schurzen fits on the kit, although I built mine as an F2. If you have a look at my blog Archive you'll see a link to it there

  2. I am now working on the Tiger! Pictures will come by mid next week