Monday, 26 January 2015

ClockWork Goblin Miniatures 28mm Grizzly Walker

Time for something a bit different! 
I occaisonally like to do things outside of my normal historical stuff to give a bit of a change of pace and one thing I've wanted to do for a long time is some Weird WW2 stuff. Into the breach then steps (stomps?) Clockwork Goblin Miniatures Grizzly Walker. 

Clockwork Goblin have a small but steadily growing range of Weird War 2 15 and 28mm mode

ls, more of which I'll be showing off over the next few weeks. Particularly cool is the fact they also have Bolt Action compatible rules on the website as well!

The Grizzly comes extremely well packaged, and is a resin kit with some metal detail parts. Everything is clean and crisply molded, and it's impossible not to play with it for anything less than an hour making stompy robot noises. It's worth noting this is a really imposing model as well, around 4-5 inches tall! 

Over on The Tale of Bearded Gamers blog I'm constructing a historically fairly accurate force based around the Battle of Tarawa, and you can see my recently constructed Sherman here. Whilst working on my Sherman I painted the Grizzly at the same time, and decided it would be particularly cool to have the Grizzly wading ashore to support the Marines. You can read the painting notes on the tale of bearded gamers, and the techniques used were the same here. 

To do the base I built up the ground work and beach using Vallejos Sand texture paint, drybrushed with white. The water was made using Vallejo Water effect tinted with some pale blue paint, and once it had dried I added wave crests using Vallejo Water effect mixed with white paint.

I've thoroughly enjoyed Clockwork Goblins Grizzly and look forwards to working through the rest of their range! 

You can see more of their work here

As always more of my work can be seen at Volley Fire Painting Services

You can also follow the progress of my US Marines as well as Jez's Indians, and Brian and Jamies SS forces here Tale of bearded gamers

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