Thursday, 15 January 2015

Rubicon Models 28mm Panther D review

In Plastic Soldier Company's Black Friday sale I picked up a couple of Rubicons kits at a fantastic price. For a long time I'd been tempted to do an early Panther Tank as seen at the Battle of Kursk and this seemed the perfect opportunity to do so.

Rubicon actually produce 2 Panther kits, one that produces an Ausf D or A, which I have built here, and another kit of an Ausf G, which I've not got (Yet...)

 The kit comes on 2 sprues, and is exceptionally well molded and detailed. I found the kit very quick to assemble, maybe around 20-25 minutes, and the only thing to be careful of is identifying the parts for the version

your wishing to build. The kit does have Schurzen plates, however I left those off this particular build.

 The models builds into an accurate and handsome model of this famous vehicle, and also comes with a comprehensive decal sheet full of numbers and crosses, of which you will have plenty of spares. 

I painted the tank using the techniques I used on my Cromwell . I favourVallejo Middlestone as the base for my Dunklegelb, then mixed Iraqi Sand into this to create a highlight layer. On top of this I sprayed Vallejo Yellow Olive in a disruptive pattern. Weathering again followed the techniques of the Cromwell.

For those who are interested in seeing how the model matches up to Warlords Resin Panther A I have included a few comparison shots, and in terms of size difference there is very little in it. I don't have one of Warlords new plastic Panthers yet to compare with, however when I do I'll do another comparison then. 

All in all I can't recommend this kit highly enough, it's fantastic!More info on Rubicon can be found on their website here and as ever more of my work can be seen at Volley Fire Painting Services

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