Monday, 19 January 2015

Warlord Games 95th Rifles

Tonight I present the next part of my Napoleonic forces for a Waterloo game to mark the bicentenary of the battle.

In the interests of full disclosure these figures were very kindly provided by for me by Warlord to review, however I shall be as unbiased as ever! 

When these figures were first released my first thought was 'Do we really need more 95th figures?' As they have to be one of the most represented regiments in the wargaming world. Having seen the models in person now I've come to really love them as being full of character and charm, and I shall explain why. 

 The set includes 14 figures and 1 dog. I have added an extra rifleman from the freebie figure included with Warlords Waterloo supplement for Black Powder to give me 3 stands of 5 figures.
The set includes 10 different poses, and features an officer, sergeant and bugler. the other poses I believe are a random mix and to my eye all look very natural. I'd have liked a kneeling or standing loading pose rather than the figure preparing to fit his bayonet, however the model is nicely sculpted none the less.

The models are all one piece castings and have a minimum of flash. All faces are in Warlords slightly exaggerated style, which although not to everyone's taste I'm very fond of personally, as to my eye it makes the character of the models shine out from a few feet distance. All personal equipment appears accurate, and I particularly liked the hang of the slings of the Baker Rifles. Detail is very crisp with no deformities or mold slippage. 

In terms of size the figures are chunkier than the Perrys and Victrix, though don't look too out of place when placed near them. Naturally the figures fit perfectly with Warlords British Line figures! 

To paint my Riflemen I used Vallejo Game Colour Dark Green as a good match to rifle green, and built up colour using layers of strong tone inks, green inks, and layered highlights. Bases are Warbases movement trays, and each figure stands on a penny within the trays.

In summary, does the world need more 28mm 95th? Maybe not, but these are outstanding figures that are a joy to paint! As always more of my work can be seen here at Volley Fire Painting Services More of Warlords models can be seen here


  1. Wonderful job.I already have two battalions of rifles in my Peninsular War British army (60th (Perry) and 95th (Offensive Miniatures)). I supposed I could always do with another battalion.

  2. Very much my thoughts as well! I have a battalion of Alban Miniatures Riflemen too and they are very nice, but much smaller than all the other ranges. How did you find Offensives? I like their WW2 stuff

  3. I really liked them. They are a bit leaner than Front Rank and about the same size as Perry). Here is a link.

    1. They look good. very much like the Alban Miniatures figures too actually. I can imagine them looking good together .