Sunday, 9 August 2015

Germany Strikes review

First up a bit of disclaimer, this book is written by a a friend and regular opponent of mine John Lambshead, so my opinion is biased. Doesn't help that early war is my favourite period to game with either, and I've been so, so looking forwards to this book...

So, what is Germany Strikes?

It's a book. To be more precise, the book is a supplement for Warlord Games Bolt Action. The book focuses on the very early period of WW2, with the main emphasis broken into the following areas:
  • Historical overview. This is the first part of the book, and provides a brief guide to what was happening in the world prior to the German invasion of Poland in September 1939. 
  •  Invasion of Poland, this contains 4 scenarios, 6 new Polish units, and 6 new German units. as well as 4 Polish theatre selectors, and 2 German ones. I really like the sound of the Danzig Militia personally, great source for some modelling options and a chance to potentially use some of your Volksturmm models in an early war themed game. This is one force I'd really like to try.  Also worthy of note is the Armoured Train selector that first appears here, more on the armoured trains later...
  •  Invasion of Denmark and Norway, again, more historical info followed by 2 scenarios. 2 additional units, the first being the horse drawn limber shown in Ostfront, and the second being the Panzer V Neubagfahrzeug. A very un-German multi turreted tank and very 1930's in appearance. Pretty cool though, however it only comes in inexperienced flavour. It is cheap in points though! Germany Strikes also adds a Danish army list, and theatre selectors for Norway that allow mixed forces containing British, French and Norwegian forces. 
  • France and the Low Countries. This is actually 2 chapters in the book, however significant is the 10 mission campaign that starts with the Battle of Eben Emal. Some of these 10 scenarios are unique to the book, however others are from the main rule book, with a few stipulations, and guidelines on what forces roughly to use. More theatre selectors, 11 in fact. Some of which contain information providing a guidline on what armour to use for which specific panzer divsion or French or British unit in the 1940 campaigns. Other selectors are again quite specific, with things like the Fallschirmjager attackers at Eben Emal, and Belgian fortifications, and 8 more new units for France, Germany, Italy and Belgium, including a few different command vehicles and Belgian and French bunkers
  • The final chapter introduces the rules for various units added to the book, including the armoured train, minefields, and how to clear them 

Stand out things for me are the options to take inexperienced SS units, I really want to try this out as they have quite a good amount of weaponry yet get monster expensive very quickly as veteran, this does alievate some of this. I also like the option to represent the early (and poorly equipped very late) SS units where training and knowledge was something that was lacking. 

I love the mixed defence forces for Norway too, and the Dunkirk perimeter force looks like an interesting very defensive force for those who like that type of play style.

Mention has to go the armoured train though, This looks like an absolute blast. Clearly designed with scenario play in mind, I really want to have a go at shooting one up. If you want a model armoured train, Company B makes one, and this can be purchased in the UK from The Wargames Command Post

In summation, Germany Strikes is very much the definiton of a campaign book. Tournament players may not find much, however those who like scenario play, campaigns and who are after a light and accessible primer to early WW2 from a complete newbies perspective will find much to enjoy here. 

If you order your Germany Strikes from Warlord Games you'll also get the free Mad Jack Churchill figure included.

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