Sunday, 2 August 2015

The Redcoats are coming!

Believe it or not, most of my work time isn't spend painting projects from the second World War. Nearly a year ago now I was contact to paint a Fallschirmjager commission, and upon completion a follow up job was proposed, that of an American War of Independence commission.

 Cool I thought, it's a great looking period and I've never done any before. After a mixture of excitment and horror at seeing what was planned, the British element of the commission is now complete, and consists of the following units 

5 Command vignettes
7 Cannon
These regiments...
3rd foot
4th foot
10th foot
14th foot
15th foot
17th foot
23rd foot
33rd foot
43rd foot
45th foot
63rd foot
65th foot

As well as:
Dismounted 17th Dragoons
Dismounted Tarltons Dragoons
Grenadier command
Light command
Foot guards
Loyalist militia regiment
Mounted 16th Dragoons

And some civilian and character pieces! 

You can see more shots of the project, as well as future additions on my page, Volley Fire Painting Services



I've not seen the collection in its entirety myself, having sent the models off in contingents, however it's a project I'm immensely proud of , and would like to thank my friend Rob for giving me the opportunity to work on this awesome project, and also for the photos of the collection as a whole!

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  1. Outstanding! Why do us lesser mortals even try and paint!
    Mike B