Sunday, 2 August 2015

Warlord Games plastic 1/56 SDKFZ 251/D review

Another review today! Warlord Games have recently released an SDKFZ/251 Hanomag half track. Whaaaaaat??? I hear you cry, but they've had a plastic Hanomag in their range for years! Yes, but this time it's the later D version, as used from 1943 onwards, (and in a modernized, updated form by the Czech army post WW2). 

As you may expect this kit is very similar to Warlords 251/C kit, however asside from the difference in hull, the kit also comes with 4 seated passenger figures, which I think is frankly marvellous, and for me preferable to the standing gunner figure in the 251/C kit. 

I've not had a chance to paint my own crew figures yet, and they may become StuG passengers on one of my StuG horde...

 They are very nice, single piece figures and do add a lot to jazzing up the model. Warlord have pictures of the figures, as well as order the kit at this link Hanomag

The model is very, very simple to build, I think it took me around 20 minutes to get built, though I have built a lot of Warlords 251's and am very familiar with the build process. 

I did modify the kit slightly by opening up the rear door and have it hanging open slightly, I also added some extra metal stowage from one of Warlord stowage sets. 

I painted the vehicle using exactly the same procedures mentioned in my Panzer III review

I've attached a couple of comparative shots with Warlords old 251/C kit, as well as Rubicons 251/7 I reviewed a few weeks ago. You can read the review of the Rubicon kit here.

 Price wise, Warlords kit is cheaper, and comes with 4 figure, and is cheaper than Rubicons kit. The Rubicon model does come with more options and varients, however is quite a fiddly build with a lot of small parts. Built though both models do look good together. I think I found Warlords the simpler model to put together though.

In the pictures, Warlords D is the sand coloured one, the C is in Panzer Grey, and the Rubicon one is camouflaged with bridges. 

Excitingly, Warlord have got a 251/16 Flamethrower variant up for pre order too, so I'll try to review that as soon as it's available! 

As ever, you can see more of my work at Volley Fire Painting Services


  1. Stunning! Really must try this sea foam stuff.

  2. How did you make the fiolage?