Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Warlord Games 28mm Winter US Review

A quick review tonight to mainly let the pictures do the talking.

Over the Christmas break I used the time to work on a few projects of my own, and to my surprise found myself painting an American force using warlords new Winter American figures after they very kindly sent me some review models, and that then escalated...

I've used all of the new packs here, including 2 of the squad sets, and have done no conversion work at all, and used the bases provided.I did add an antennae for the radio operator out of 5 amp fuse wire though.

All the models are nicely cast with only minimal mold lines, and all packs include bases, with 25mm plastic bases for the infantry, and 60mm lipped plastic ones for the support teams.

The Figures wear a mix of the M43 field uniform, greatcoats, and jeep jackets, with the squad figures having seperate heads, and suport team models mostly being one piece castings. 


The models match nicely size wise with other 28mm Americans, though I've not had a chance to do a full comparison, and will do so in the not to distant future. 

I decided to avoid the snow look,and go for more of a Hurtgen forrest feel to my figures, and after spotting Warlords new Forrest Ground Scatter  in the model shop had to give this a go. The Scatter worked superbly, all I have done with these bases is paint them Vallejo Dark Earth Texture paint, apply PVA, sprinkle the scatter on then add some chopped up clump bushes.

Even as a fan of Warlords design I'm especially impressed with these figures, the poses are nice and all work well together, the detail is excellent and the faces are full of character. Highly recommended. You can find the range of winter US at the warlord page Here, and see more of my work and contact me through Volley Fire Painting Service


  1. Great work! You wouldn't by chance be willing to share your list of colors that you use on these guys would you? They look phenomenal!


    1. Apologies for not replying sooner, For some reason I don't get notifications on posts! For the M43 uniforms I use Vallejo Reflective Green as the base tone, with the great coats painted English uniform. I then use a series of army painter inks and shades before working up with increasing highlight layers, before finishing off with some final highlights. All my highlights use the base tone with a lightening colour mixed in. Pastel Green for the uniforms in this case, and Deck Tan for the great coats.