Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Warlord Games M8/M20Greyhound review

More lovely plastic armour courtesy of the Warlord Italeri collaboration, this time in the seductive shape of the Greyhound Armoured car. 

The models I have are from the 3 vehicle box set produced by Warlord, and I have tried to show off a few different features with the kit in building them by removing one of the Greyhounds sand skirts, easily achieved with a sharp blade and scoring along the edge of the panels. I also decided on building another so that I can switch versions. More on that later.

The kit comes on 2 sprue packed full of parts. At first glance there appears to be a great deal going on here, but I found the instructions pretty good, and managed to build the kit without referring to the sheet.  


Fit is generally excellent, though I did find the gun mantlet a little tight, bot nothing too taxing. Detail is superb and the kit features a modicum of interior detail, and a nicely done turret interior. Only one half figure is provided as a driver, though I elected not to use him in my builds. 


The kit is cleverly engineered to allow swapping between the M8 and M20 turret apertures, and there are some small but sturdy locating tabs on the upper decking to ensure everything lines up and still remains in place whilst gaming. Unfortunately only one .50 machine gun is provided, however I like to drill and pin these in place on my models anyway, and found by not fixing the weapon I could freely switch it between vehicles. 

Build time was around 45 minutes and special mention should be made to the suspension, it looks wonderfully intricate yet is made up of 4 parts, excluding the wheels. 

I replaced the antennae with 5 amp fuse wire, and painted the model using MIG productions 926 Olive Drab Base. and then used a variety of MIG washes and weathering powders to dirty them up.
Transfers were included in the kit thankfully, and performed very well.

Another very nice kit, well worth checking out. You can see more of my work at Volley Fire Painting Service, and can pick up your armoured recce from Warlord Games

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  1. really like your early model M8 without the skirts. Was it hard to cut them off?