Sunday, 3 April 2016

Warlord Games plastic M10 tank destroyer review

Warlord Games have recently brought out another 1/56 scale, 28mm plastic vehicle kit as a product of their partnership with Italeri. They have very kindly sent me one to take a look at and share my thoughts with you.

Warlord have had a a resin M10 in their range for some years (I've had one in my stash for nearly 3 years, now built thanks to this kit!), so the biggest question is does it need replacing?

 Well, this is very subjective, however the plastic is a far simpler and more accessible build, the resin kit features some tricky fit due to the design of the vehicles hull, and also has some fairly fiddly metal parts for the lights. 

The detail is excellent and the crew are good, however personally I feel it's far easier to get a good result for anyone from the new model.

The new plastic kit comes on 2 sprue, with 2(!) well appointed transfer sheets, and an instruction sheet.

The Kit is moulded very neatly in the familiar fairly hard dark grey plastic. Options are limited to a choice of crew, with the kit coming with figures in US or British Army uniforms. 

Construction is very quick and simple, tracks went together well, I use Plastic Weld to assemble my models, and even the traditionally tricky spots such as the tracks were very a breeze.

 Fit was overall very impressive, with assembly of the interior parts easier than with the recent M8 Greyhound as well. 


The kit represents (I think) an early production version of the M10, though as the production lines were only open for a year this isn't an issue. I painted mine to loosely represent a vehicle serving in Tunisia in early 1943, though really it could be anywhere.


I used MIG productions Olive Drab Base for my green, and then weather this heavily, especially using AK interactive Dust and Dirt deposits. 

I really like this model, and it captures the look and feel of the real vehicle very well.

 I've included some comparison shots with my resin M10 too, the plastic is the one with the star on the turret. As you can see they fit together pretty well, and aside from being marginally wider and taller they look good together. 

Highly recommended!

You can get yourself one of Warlords new M10's from their website here, and you can see more of my work at Volley Fire Painting Service


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