Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Bolt Action 28mm United States Marine Corp

A few years ago now, myself, Jez Allum, Jamie Tranter and Brian Ward got together to produce a blog chronicling us collecting 1000 point armies for Bolt Action. 


I opted to the USMC, and thought it time to revisit the article series by collecting links to the armies creation below. 

In this instalment I discuss the motivation behind collecting the Marines, and what I chose to add to the force.

As the name suggests, in this segment I look at some simple tricks and cheats to get the best out of the various plastic sets now on the market, and how to reduce the stress of working with multipart figures.

A step by step guide to how I painted my Marines.

I like Shermans, and here's the one I added to the army, as well as how I painted it. 

As you may have surmised, this is the completed army and my thoughts on the project. 

My Marines inaugural battle report.

You can see more of my more recent work at Volley Fire Painting services, and listen to the episodes of The Brit, The Yank, and the Hobby podcast here, where we discuss a few of the USMC's more famous actions. 

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