Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Rubicon Models 1/56 Jagdpanzer 38t Hetzer review

This kit has been out for a little while, so much so that I won one at the (Cam)Bridge to Far event in March of last year... 

The Jagdpanzer 38t is one of those late war vehicles that is so iconic, and such a good modelling opportunity that it's likely to appear in most late war gamers collections, and this kit from Rubicon Models is certainly a very welcome addition to their line up of plastic vehicle kits. 

Rubicons Jagdpanzer comes nicely presented in their typical box, with each sprue individually bagged, with a very good decal sheet that comes with the standard range of German markings, as well as vehicles used by the Russian Liberation Army and what I believe are Czech Partisan forces.

The kit provides numerous options as is the norm for Rubicon, offering the builder the choice of creating early, mid and late production vehicles, as well as a Flammpanzer 38t. No stowage or crew figures are provided however.

I opted to build the late production vehicle,  and found assembly to be quick and straight forwards, though I do recommend taking the time to read through the instructions and ensure you are familiar with the variant you are going to build. 

The Jagdpanzer was painted first with black primer, then airbrushed with Vallejo Middlestone, this was modulated with increasing amounts of Pale Sand, before a disruptive pattern of Vallejo Mahogany was added.

Some pin washing of Burnt Umber oil paint, and the Jagdpanzer 38t was complete. Personally, I rate this as Rubicons best kit, and thoroughly recommend it. This particular vehicle was a clients, for a commission, however I have one of my own in the stash for when I eventually get to expanding my late war German collection.

Rubicon Models can be obtained through Plastic Soldier Company in the UK, and through their own distributor in the United States.
As ever, I can be contacted through Volley Fire Painting Service on Facebook, and you can even see more painted examples of my work there too. 

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