Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Warlord Games 1/56 Panther Ausf A review

Firstly, my apologies to Warlord Games who supplied me with a kit of this vehicle sometime ago, however I'm only now getting round to writing about it... 

Warlord's Panther tank is produced by scale model manufacturer Italeri, and I believe this kit is a pretty much direct descendent of their mid 1990's 1/35th scale kit scaled down to 1/56, and simplified for Wargamers.                                            

The kit comes on 2 sprue, with a small decal sheet and commander figure included. Use of slide mould technology is evident too, as the gun included a pre drilled muzzle. 

Assembly is quick and simple, though attention needs to be paid to the tracks as they are handed, and also need dry fitting. I found fitting the top run, then the lower run, and then the outer part of the drive sprocket the easiest way to assemble them, and used plastic weld to assemble the kit. 

Fit was good, and a little flash was present in places, but nothing major. Only issues I found were the towing shackles were a little small and fragile, and most of them either broke or snapped, so I ended up ditching them completely. 

Detail is generally nice, though I found the tools a little light in relief, and could do with either being a separate part, or moulded a little deeper. The Zimmerit also looked a little too neat on the sprue, but painted looks good, and it also saves a vast amount of work creating your own. 

To paint my Panther, I used Vallejo middlestone sprayed over black primer as the basis for the dunkelgelb, then mixed increasing amounts of pale sand in to get a fairly high contrast graduation in the colours. For the camo pattern, I used Vallejo Mahogany and Luftwaffe camo green, before using a fairly big range of MIG washes, pigments and filters to weather the tank.

Foliage is made from sea foam sprigs, and you can find a guide to how I do it at the Warlord Games site here

Overall, this is another good kit from the Warlord/Italeri partnership,
You can visit the Warlord Games website here, and as ever, more of my work can be found at Volley Fire Painting Service.

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