Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Beyond the Gates of Antares Algoryn AI Infiltration Team

As part of the review samples sent to me by Warlord, they included 2 packs of their new Beyond the Gates of Antares figures, a pack each from the Boromite and Algoryn factions. I've not played the game yet, however it looks very exciting, and will be one to pick up. Currently the rules are free as well from Warlords website.

The pack of Algoryn infiltratiors includes 5 28mm heroic scale metal figures with a choice of 7 heads, including 5 helmeted and 2 bare heads.Also included are 2 spotter drones with flying stands. 5 25mm MDF bases and even an orders dice, the same as used in Bolt Action. The models are stunningly well cast, with barely any flash to remove. From clean up to priming took around 5 minutes for all of them.

These are the first sci fi figures I've painted in a long time and I wanted to do something a little different, so I gave Object Source Lighting a go, to give the effect of the suits scanning and recon systems providing battlefield awareness for the wearers. 

To do this affect I first completely painted the model, picking a low key digital style camo to contrast with the bold green of the lighting effect. 

I then painted Vallejo transparent green everywhere I wanted to be hit by the light source. After that it was a simple case of highlighting and blending the green shades like any other colour, paying extra care to make sure the brightest highlights are in the narural paths of light emanation. I did use a lot of glazing techniques as well to build depth of colour which proved time consuming, however I do really like the effect!

I'm thoroughly impressed with these models, and look forwards to seeing the rest of the range, especailly the unreleased as yet Concorde figures. I'm even more excited to get a force together and start playing! 

You can keep an eye on my modelling progress here

Beyond the Gates of Antares has a great Facebook group as well, which can be accessed here

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