Saturday, 6 December 2014

Time Line miniatures small farm outbuilding review

Another quick review!

I've recently decided that I need some terrain, so being as painting models is my day job I thought I'd best get stuff  that requires painting! With this in mind I set to looking for some MDF buildings, and in the process discovered Time Line Miniatures who produce a growing range of extremely affordable buildings.

Spying the outbuildings and farmhouse kits I placed an order which arrived amazingly quickly, and immediately built the out buildings to get some practice in before tackling the farmhouse. The mud in the yard was created using Humbrol weathering powders mixed wtih gloss varnish, and then once this had hardened I mixed more gloss varnish with Vallejo sand paint and applied it all over the yard, letting it pool and puddle to give the impression of watery mud.

The buildings went together very easily using PVA to glue them together, and were sprayed with some Halfords textured paint prior to detail painting. I was incredibly impressed with this kit, and will definitely be buying more!

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