Monday, 15 December 2014

Panzer IV kit comparison

As promised, here is the comparison of 28mm, 1/56 scale Panzer IV models. I've tried to keep the review limited to Ausf F and H variants as the differences are too great in the earlier models to make them relevent to the review process here.

Shown here are 221, and Ausf F2 from Rubicon Models, 222 and Ausf F2 from Warlord. Both of these are recently released plastic kits that allow the construction of F1, F2 and ausf H variants. I've also included Die Waffenkammers Ausf H as the varient is possible with the plastic kits.

All 3 kits are superb, and will give you a great Panzer IV. so I shall highlight their differences as each has it's own merits depending on what you want from a model.

Die Waffenkammers is by far the quickest model to assemble, and although it has very few parts is the only kit to come with a full set of Schurzen rails for the hull.

The kit also comes with a vast amount of spares, a commander figure and commendably thin Schurzen plates. The model is also very well cast and can be put together inside of 10 minutes.

Rubicon's Panzer was one of the first releases from this new company, and provides the options to build the Ausf F1 with short barrel gun, an F2/G and an Ausf H with Schurzen.

The kit has in my opinion the best set of suspension of the 3models,and some beautiful detail on the hull and turret. No figures or stowage are included, though those are easy to source.

 Assembly time is around 20-30 minutes or so. Noteworthy is that Rubicons panzer has the sturdiest Schurzen, although the detail is a little simplified and the plates are quite thick due to the limitations of the moulding process. They are also able to be clipped on and off the model as desired.

Warlords Panzer IV covers the same versions as Rubicons, and has some very nicely detailed Schuzen, although it's a tad more complex than that of the Rubicon kit. Detail again is very good, although the 1 piece hull and wheels results in a slight loss of detail due to the limitations of the moulding technology used. All the parts fit well. Contruction took around 20-30 minutes, and also contains a beautiful commander figure, and some odds and ends like spare Jerrycans and wheels.

To summarize, Die Waffenkammer produce a superb Ausf H, which will give you a very nice model with minimal construction. Rubicon's kit will give you a very nice model, especially if you do an Ausf F or G. Warlords kit will give you a great and inexpensive Ausf H, but will also produce very nice Ausf F and G variants as well.

 As always, more of my work can be seen at Volley Fire Painting.

Warlord Games range can be viewed on their website here, the Die Waffenkammer range can be seen here and last but not least Rubicons can be viewed here


  1. Nice review, but which was your favourite.
    Come on, no sitting on the fence. :D

    1. Tough one that! Really it would depend on whichever I found cheapest and closest to hand!